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Welcome to Our Family       OUR MISSION: To nuture existing disciples for today and make new disciples for tomorrow, through the bringing of people to the Gospel and the Gospel to the people.  
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OUR VISION: To becom a growing, thriving spiritual community, modeling the new life in Christ with significant relationships with believers and unbelievers alike. Through sharing and caring groups, small group Bible studies with families, adults, and children. To preach the Gospel presenting Christ in both traditional and contemporary methods, through variety in styles of liturgical worship with credibility and sincerity in all personal and group visits. All this occurs in the Gospel atmosphere of Christ's love, acceptance, and forgiveness.          

OUR PURPOSE: To share the Bible's Good News that God loves all people in spite of their sins. He therefore sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for all. Through faith in Jesus we receive forgiveness of sins, direction for our daily lives, and the promise of eternal life. We share this unconditional love with those whose lives we touch so that together through Jesus, we might become:


A Worshipping Family, celebrating the presence of the grace of God through Word and Sacrament.

A Serving Family, reaching out in the name of Christ to help meet the needs of others.

A Learning Family, growing in faith and understanding as we study the Bible together.

A Caring Family, crying together as we share a load of pain or rejoice together as we are blessed.