You were designed for deep, meaningful relationships.

At Family of Christ, we choose to orient our lives around the goodness of God. This is why we worship, read the Word, celebrate the Lord's Supper... and why we meet in homes across North Tampa. We choose to be a church that knows and loves each other, and we are intentional about getting together as families for meals, prayer, and fun!  We call them: Table Groups.

Table Groups at Family of Christ

Once a month. Food. Discussion. Prayer. Fun!

What are Table Groups?

Table Groups are an extension of the Church into our own homes. Table Groups offer a meaningful place of belonging where we meet together for a family meal, a time of sharing and discussion, and a family prayer. Table Groups are a place of formation, fellowship, and Christian hospitality, where we explore what it looks like to live all of life in reference to Christ.

What happens at a Table Group?

Table Groups are a monthly gathering of a group of people (4-5 families) from our church community. The Table Group time consists of three things: a shared meal, time to be with one another as the Church, and a prayer together. The shared meal is always done as a coordinated potluck style. We generally discuss the passage of Scripture that was preached on the Sunday before. And we always take time to pray for each other and our needs during a family prayer.

What is it like at a Table Group?

Different groups will take on a feel of their own, but every Table Group will have a few pieces that are a part of our culture at Family of Christ. Here is a sample timeline of a group:

6:00pm - Table Group arrives at Host's home
6:30pm - Dinner and Discussion
7:30pm - Family Prayer
7:45pm - Cleanup
8:00pm - Done for the Evening

Where do the groups meet?

We are currently launching pilot Table Groups which will meet throughout the New Tampa and Wesley Chapel area. If you want to help us discover best practices and experience this type of community right now, click the button.

We will actively begin starting new groups across the area in January 2023. We hope to one day have Table Groups in every neighborhood in New Tampa and throughout the north Tampa area so that every person can be connected to others in their own neighborhood area.

What does it take to be a Table Group Host ?

There are two ways to get involved in making a Table Group a success: Host Homes and Group Leaders! The host of a table group is an active part of the Family of Christ community and has a heart for gathering people in their home. They help to create a comfortable, clean environment for 10+ people to come over and share a good time together. For more information about hosting a group, see our expectations for hosts. If you are interested in hosting, you can learn more about our expectations by visiting with Pastor Landon.

What does it take to be a Table  Group Leader?

Leading a Table Group is a wonderful way to serve our church. There are expectations that our church has for our Table Group leaders. The leader of a table group is an active part of the Family of Christ community and has been trained to lead people groups here. They are able to lead faith discussions, pray with people, and help connect them with pastoral care if the need arises.  If you are interested in leading, you can learn more about our expectations by visiting with Pastor Landon.

Can the Host and the Leader be the same family?

Yes.  If you would like to be awesome like that, we will help you set that up.  But we will want to team you with another family who will commit to partnering with you to make the group even more of a success. If you are interested in this option, you can learn more about our expectations by visiting with Pastor Landon.

What about my kids?

Kids are part of the family and are always welcome! Your kids need to be in community like this, too. We encourage all Table Groups to help provide an environment where children of all ages can grow as part of the Church.