We are growing and as we take our next steps we are praying for God to raise up people and resources to meet the needs of our community! You have been given gifts by God to use to bless others.  We hope you leverage those gifts to make Family of Christ even more awesome. When you find something below you are willing to pour into, or if you have questions, let us know.


  • 10 families/people who will serve as host families for Table Groups this Summer/Fall
  • Two men who will serve as weekly men’s Bible Study leaders
  • Two women who will serve as weekly women’s Bible Study Leaders
  • A couple people with the gift of teaching to create discipleship content for devotions and family discipleship


  • A bass guitarist
  • An electric guitarist
  • A team of people to meet at 8:15am on Sundays to pray over the community
  • A team of people to prepare communion on Sunday mornings at 8am
  • A team of people to prepare the worship area on Sundays at 8am
  • A team of people to read Scripture during services
  • A few people to increase our welcome/hospitality team
  • A team of people to start a small ensemble/choir


  • A couple people who know Canva/graphic design to help produce content
  • A couple people who write occasional small HTML jobs (email signatures, website snippets, etc.)
  • A couple people who can create short videos for sermons, social media, interviews, fun, etc.
  • A couple people who are good at photography
  • A couple people who can increase our social media presence
  • A couple people who can work a soundboard on Sundays
  • A couple of people who can help run livestream on Sundays
  • A couple tech-savvy people who can help our children’s ministry implement a next-level secure Kid’s Check-in


  • A team of 25 people with various skills who will serve to do small campus projects (painting, landscaping, etc) under our Campus Manager’s leadership
  • A person/company who will conduct a full land survey for us
  • A couple of experienced interior decorators to conceptualize spaces
  • A person to build-out a Welcome Area for visitors (and coffee)
  • A person with a tractor and a brushhog, or a small tractor donation
  • A person who has tree removal, stump grinding, and/or wood chipping equipment for campus workdays


  • A person to be trained for early disaster relief best practices to help us mobilize quickly for our community in times of emergency (hurricanes, tornados, other)
  • A team of 4 people to work with local civil servants to identify areas in our community where we can make a big impact.
  • A person to help families with young kids engage opportunities to serve in appropriate settings in our community.