Welcome to The Big Picture.

Most people would like to know the Bible better.  Most parents want to do a better job of being in the Bible with their kids. Most adults will tell you they have tried to read the Bible but didn't make it all the way.

We have an idea... Let's just start with the Top 100 Bible stories that you, your family, your circle, and our community need to know to have a really good understanding of the story of God's love and care for us that has been unfolding for quite some time.


Each week we will read 5 stories together as a community. To download our convenient Bible insert, click the link below. We will also send them out via email, communicate them in our latest blog post, and social media.

Read 5ooo Stories Together

What would happen if we read a ton of Bible stories out loud together this year? The challenge is to get in groups of 2 or more and read Bible stories together outside worship services and chapels.  Think married couples, families, Table Groups, classes, Bible Studies, and more!  

Build the Word Tower Together!

We built a huge plexiglass tower in the Welcome Center and we are filling it up with play pit balls!  Each week, take a ball for each story you read together and add it to the big tower! Watch each week as we grow toward our goal.  We will celebrate with a big party when we reach the 5000 story goal!


Ask Your Hard Questions!
Each month, we will take your hardest questions and spring them on pastor in a video segment. Have fun asking your fun and toughest questions to learn more about Scripture. We are going to surprise him from week to week with random questions!