Set 12: The Teaching of Jesus

We will spend four weeks studying Jesus' ministry in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). For this second week, we will be focusing on Mark.

Mark's gospel is primarily focused on Jesus being the Son of God while showcasing both Jesus' divine and human natures. This was important in showing why Jesus was the promised Messiah. What Jesus did - especially relating to miracles - is emphasized more than long sections of preaching.

The book of Mark was written by John Mark, referenced in Acts 12 as a friend of Peter. He is also mentioned in other parts of Acts and in some of the Epistles of Paul. Mark was not one of the twelve disciple of Jesus, but the writing of Mark is a compilation based on preaching he heard from Peter and was seen as an accurate recording of accounts by others in the early Christian community.


Message from Sunday, January 14th

Recorded: Mark was composed in the 50s-early 60s AD. It is believed to be the earliest written Gospel.
Audience: Mark was writing to Roman and Gentile readers.
The Final Verses: Mark16:9-20 was not recorded in the original manuscripts. Biblical scholars question whether:
1) the original ending of Mark has been lost,
2) if the writings ended at verse 8,
3) or whether there is another unknown explanation for the change in style, vocabulary, and content from the rest of Mark.

These questions can apply to all readings individually or can be done after all readings are finished.
  1. What words of Jesus do you find most comforting?
  2. Which of Jesus' teachings do feel challenged by?
  3. What cultural context might help you better understand Jesus' teachings in this text?
  4. What did you learn about the character of God?

Heavenly Father, we ask that our hearts would be open to hearing and obeying your teachings. As sinners, sometimes we refuse to listen. Other times we listen and choose not to obey. Forgive us and help us to be humble toward what you are trying to show us about ourselves and about Jesus in our lives. Help us to follow You with our words and our actions towards others. Sometimes we hear your words and don't understand them. Give us the wisdom of the Holy Spirit so that we can have clarity. Thank you for loving us and hearing our prayers always. Amen.

You can engage these readings and devotional times individually or as a group. If you want to send an email to Family of Christ with your thoughts and questions, you are invited to click the link below.