Set 8: The Fall of Israel

1st and 2nd Kings focuses on the end of David's rule through the Babylonian exile of the Israelites. While together they cover many kings of Israel, the books spend the most time on two types: kings that have faithful interactions with God and kings that significantly deviate from God's call to serve Him as leader over Israel. 1st and 2nd Kings also spend significant time on the prophets of Israel who are tasked with encouraging the kings to remain faithful to trusting God. For example, the prophet Nathan was instrumental in helping David understand his sin in our last story from 2nd Samuel.

Message from Sunday, October 29th

What is the Babylonian Exile? The Israelites were conquered by the Babylonian army, who ruled over them for about 70 years and exiled them from their land for a large portion of that time. The Israelites were allowed to return to Jerusalem in 538 B.C.
When were they written? According to scholars, many comments in these books point to 1st and 2nd Kings being written during the Babylonian exile. The author repeatedly highlights how Israel has been close to God or has broken the covenant as a way of showing the exiled Israelites why they are no longer in the Promised Land.
What am I missing?
In order to focus on the top 100 stories of the Bible, it means that we may not get to all of the books of the Bible during our Big Picture series. Here is a quick note on the Bible books we are moving past for now - but find time to read them, too, when you have a chance!

1st Chronicles - includes genealogies and additional information about the reign of King David.
2nd Chronicles - focuses in the reigns of King Solomon and other kings of Israel.
Ezra - chronicles the return of of the Israelites from exile and the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem as well as Ezra's role in purifying Jewish marriages
Nehemiah - shares how Nehemiah accomplishes his task of building the wall of Jerusalem and works to bring people back into alignment with the covenant of God
Esther - shows a woman whose faithfulness in following God under the threat of death saves the people of Israel from destruction
Job - the legendary sufferer, who shows amazing faith in the face of the Devil's attacks

  1. What challenged you about these readings?
  2. Where do you see your own struggles in these Biblical accounts?
  3. What does this Biblical account invite you to do, think, or believe after reading it?
  4. When has God used people in your life to speak His truth to you? How did you respond?

God Almighty, we confess that we do not always trust you and your promises. This affects how we think, talk, and act toward those around us and towards you. Surround us with others who will point us toward you. Give us humble hearts to hear words of truth, and by Your Holy Spirit bring us back into alignment with You. Use us to be the light of Your Gospel truth to everyone around us. Amen.

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