Set 13: The Miracles of Jesus

We will spend four weeks studying Jesus' ministry in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). For this third week, we will be focusing on Luke.

The beginning of Luke's gospel is one of the most familiar to us because of its narrative of the Christmas story. Luke 2 is especially well known for its dating of the events around Jesus' birth with the census of Caesar Augustus, the ruler who established the Pax Romana (Roman Peace). This census was the cause of Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem, fulfilling the prophecy that the Messiah would be born there.

The Gospel of Luke is one of the Synoptic Gospels, but Luke is distinctive in the consistent emphasis that Gentiles were always a part of God's salvation plan. The rest of the world does not have a secondary level of importance to the Jews. He includes many examples of Gentile interactions with Jesus and their faith in his writings to underscore that point. Luke also highlights Jesus' inclusiveness for men, women, and children in His ministry as well as Jesus' concern for the poor and sinners.


Message from Sunday, January 21st

Recorded: Some scholars place the recording in the early 60s AD, while others suggest it was written in the 70s or 80s AD.
Who was Luke? Luke was a Gentile who at times traveled with the apostle Paul on his missionary journeys. Luke was known to be well educated and had strong command of the Greek written language. He was also a physician.
Who was Theophilus? We don't have an exact person, except that "Theophilus" was definitely an individual person and not a group of people. Some scholars suggest that Theophilus, while the addressee of the letter, knew that it was to be replicated and distributed to spread the teachings of Jesus to others.

These questions can apply to all readings individually or can be done after all readings are finished.
  1. When have you experienced a miracle in your own life? 
  2. What people (or which person) in the text do you identify with? Why?
  3. What cultural context might help you better understand what the people in the story were experiencing as they witnessed Jesus' miracles?
  4. What did you learn about the character of God?

Dear Jesus, You showed us Your power in miraculous ways. Continue to work in miracles today, and give us eyes of faith to see and recognize them. Today we pray for those who need a miracle:
  • For the suffering sick, that You would grant complete healing.
  • For the lost, people who have either never had faith or who have walked away, that they would be able to say "I was lost, but now I'm found" by Your power.
  • For those stuck in habitual sins, that You would break them free from those prisons.
  • For people with broken relationships, that You would provide deep reconciliation and forgiveness.
Thank you for using your great power to die and rise again so that all people are saved. Amen.

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